Mylene Farmer in 'Tristana' music video

Mylene Farmer (1961 -)



Music Video Deaths Edit

  • Libertine (1986): Shot by a group of soldiers while she's riding on horseback with her lover, in an ambush arranged by Sophie Tellier. (the 1989 sequel video, Pourvu qu'elles soient douces, revealed that Mylene was only wounded, but it seems clear that the original video intended this as a death scene).
  • Tristana (1987): Killed (off-screen) by Sophie Tellier, method unclear (although Sophie holds out a poisoned apple as in the traditional Snow White story, then we see blood splashing against the wall). Her body is shown afterwards when Vladimir Ivtcenko enters the cabin and finds the dwarves gathered around her. Vladimir then picks her up and carries out across the field.
  • L'ame-stram-gram (1999): Playing a dual role as twin sisters, one sister falls to her death down a staircase after being injured in a battle with bandits; she appears as a spirit afterwards to rescue her sister. The second sister commits suicide by jumping from the Great Wall of China to join her sister. They both appear as spirits at the end of the video.
  • Ghostland (2018) : (Pauline Keller) : Stabbed on the chest and slaughtered by Kevin Power. We think that she survives but we discover that it's just a Crystal Reed's hallucination.
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