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Mr. Mercedes (TV series; 2017 - )

Plot Summary Edit

Tells the story of a psychopathic killer (Harry Treadaway) who drives a stolen Mercedes into a crowd and a recently retired detective (Brendan Gleeson) who tries to bring him down.

Male Deaths Edit

Female Deaths Edit

  • Laura Dooling [Janice Cray] (Episode 1.1: Pilot)
  • Maddie Hasson [Allie Hodges] (Episode 1.10: Jibber-Jibber Chicken Dinner)
  • Virginia Kull [Sadie McDonald] (Episode 2.3: You Can Go Home Now)
  • Dianne Lang [Diner Patron] (Episode 1.6: People in the Rain)
  • Justine Lupe [Holly Gibney] (Episode 1.10: Jibber-Jibber Chicken Dinner)
  • Kelly Lynch [Deborah Hartsfield] (Episodes 1.6: People in the Rain; 1.8: From the Ashes)
  • Milli M. [Waitress] (Episode 1.6: People in the Rain)
  • Mary-Louise Parker [Janey Patterson] (Episode 1.7: Willow Lake)
  • Holland Taylor [Ida Silver] (Episode 1.10: Jibber-Jibber Chicken Dinner)


  • Based on the Bill Hodges Trilogy series of novels by Stephen King.
    • The first season is based on the novel Mr. Mercedes.
    • The second season is based on the novel Finders Keepers.
    • The third season will be based on the novel End of Watch.
  • Executive produced by King himself, who also has an uncredited cameo appearance in one episode.
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