Morten Suurballe (1955 - )
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Morten Suurballe in Vikings: Unforgiven

TV DeathsEdit

  • Vikings: Unforgiven (2014) [Sigvard]: After having his Housecarls severly beat his wife (Katheryn Winnick) for disobedience, Morten tries to humiliate her further by exposing her breasts in the great hall of his Earldom in Hedeby (Scandinavia / Sweden) before everyone. The enraged Katheryn stabs him in the eye with a table knife and as he is on his knees screaming in pain he is beheaded with a sword by Steve Wall.
    • Morten Suurballe with Katheryn Winnick in 'Unforgiven'
    • Katheryn stabbing Morten in 'Unforgiven'
    • Morten dying in 'Unforgiven'
    • Morten still dying in 'Unforgiven'
    • Morten being decapitated in 'Unforgiven'
    • Morten's severed head in 'Unforgiven'

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