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Monte Markham in Guns of the Magnificent Seven

Monte Markham (1935 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • Project X (1968) [Gregory Gallea]: Killed by an energy field created by Christopher George's subconscious while Greta Baldwin looks on in horror. His body is later seen when Henry Jones and the other scientists remove his brain in order to extract information from it.
  • Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) [Keno]: Shot to death by Michael Ansara's soldiers during a shootout at Michael's fortress.
  • Airport '77 (1977) [Banker]: Drowned when a cargo container breaches the hull of the plane (which then pins him to the wall), filling the cargo hold with water, after Robert Foxworth crashes the plane into the ocean.
  • Piranha (1995) [J.R. Randolph] Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head after firing Billie Worley to avoid facing legal action for the piranhas attack.
  • We Are Still Here (2015) [Dave McCabe]: Head crushed in by the fire demons of the house while Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig watch in horror.

TV Deaths:[]

Video Game Deaths:[]

  • Fallout: New Vegas (2010) [President Aaron Kimball] In the event that the player sides with the Legion, he will be assassinated by the Courier in the mission "Arizona Killer." The nature of the death scene varies depending on the player's decisions: the flight computer of his vertibird can be sabotaged, causing him to crash; his vertibird can be shot down by a hacked anti-aircraft gun or by the player; he can be killed with a bomb planted either in his path, in Jude Ciccolella's helmet, or on his vertibird; lastly, he can be sniped, gunned down, or even speared during his speech.