Monique Dupree in Bikini Bloodbath Christmas

Monique Dupree (1974 - )

a.k.a. Monique Gata Dupree, a.k.a. Tha Original Gata

Film Deaths Edit

  • Skeleton Key 2: 667, Neighbor of the Beast (2008) [Posh]: Drowned when an unseen creature pulls her under in the swimming pool. (Note: She returned in the 2011 sequel Skeleton Key 3: The Organ Trail; since I haven't seen that, I don't know whether it's revealed that she survived this, or whether she returns as a ghost or zombie.)
  • Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (2009) [Dungaree]: Throat torn out by Matt Ford in the restroom.
  • Cottonmouth (2009) [The Bloated Ghost]: Dies (off-screen) of toxic shock syndrome, some time before the story begins; she appears as one of a group of ghosts who return to get revenge on John Brodie. (I haven't seen this short film, but I have read the original story on which it was based.)
  • The Lovecraft Chronicles: Dumas (2010) [Vampire Bride]: I don't know the circumstances of her death (though I'm assuming a stake through the heart), but her IMDB page formerly included a promotional photo of her death scene (now absent from her IMDB gallery).
  • The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 2 (2012) [Victim]: Presumably killed (I have not seen this film, but the IMDB's identification of her role appears to give away her fate).
  • Plan 9 (2015) [Deputy Becky]: Shot in the chest by soldiers when the soldiers open fire on the human survivors in an attempt to contain and cover up the zombie outbreak.

TV Deaths Edit

None known.

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

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