Mona Marshall (1947 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation (2001; anime) [Shun]: Fatally wounded after being absorbed into the android Rosanov (Tom Wyner) and being blasted out by Ryu (Skip Stellrecht) with his Dark Hadouken attack, he then dies in Ryu's arms.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Cowboy Bebop: Sympathy For The Devil (2001; anime) [Wen]: Shot in the head by Spike Spiegel (Steven Jay Blum) with a specialty bullet made from a gem, upon his death he ages into an old man as he had been exposed to radiation that left him stuck in the body of a boy.
  • The Big O: Winter Night Phantom (2001; anime) [Sybil Rowan/ Phantom]: Phantom was shot by Major Dan Dastun (Peter Lurie) in an attempt to stop her from committing a bombing. As she lies dying, she utters a line said by Sybil Rowan in a film Dastun watched as a child, "Vous-êtes si gentil" ("You are so kind"). It was implied that Sybil Rowan died before the events of the series, leaving no children behind.
  • Last Exile: Castling Lucciola (2003; anime) [Lucciola]: Disintegrated by a beam from Delphine's (Karen Strassman) ring after he confronts her in an act of defiance.


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