Miu Nakamura (1991 - )

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Tomie: Unlimited (2011) [Tomie]: A year after being killed in a freak accident, Miu suddenly shows up alive and unharmed at her family home. She is soon revealed to actually be an unkillable evil supernatural entity who is capable of regenerating her entire body from a single cell. She can also use this same ability to create perfect clones of herself. She is killed several times throughout the movie but always resurrects shortly afterward, and ends up surviving the movie. She dies in these manners:
    1. Impaled diagonally by an iron cross that falls from the top of a construction site. It enters through the top of her left shoulder and exits through the right side of her body.
    2. Stabbed in the back with a butcher knife by Kouichi Ohori. Shortly afterward, he is shown attempting to dispose of her body by dismembering her in a bathtub. He then throws her severed head into a garbage can.
    3. Stabbed repeatedly by Kensuke Owada.
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