Miriam Margoyles in End of Days

Miriam Margoyles (1941 - )

Film Deaths

  • Ed and His Dead Mother (1993) [Mabel Chilton]: Dies of natural causes (off-screen) before the movie begins, but returns to life as a zombie.

TV Deaths

  • The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004 TV) [Peg Sellers]: Dies of an unspecified illness in the hospital; her body is shown afterwards during her funeral. (Thanks to Graeme)
  • Plebs: The Cupid (2015) [Iona]:Director Miriam is in the audience for the opening night of her latest play when hapless actor Joel Fry blunders onto the stage and loses his footing. To right himself he grabs the rope holding the winch suspending the character of Cupid (Ryan Sampson) above the stage. Ryan tumbles down and in doing so fires his love arrow which hits Miriam in the chest. Just before she expires she says that "the show must go on". '(Played for comic effect). (Thanks to Brian)
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