Miranda Richardson in The Crying Game

Miranda Richardson (1958 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Empire of the Sun (1987) [Mrs. Victor]: Dies in her sleep of starvation/exhaustion while all of the prisoners are being transported from the prison camp; her body is shown afterwards when Christian Bale wakes up next to her. (Thanks to Yvette)
  • Tom and Viv (1994) [Vivienne Haigh-Wood Eliot]: Dies off-screen and we are simply informed of her death via the text at the end of the film.
  • The Designated Mourner (1997) [Judy]: Executed (off-screen) by having poison forced down her throat through a tube as she's strapped to a chair with other political prisoners; we learn of her death when Mike Nichols describes witnessing her televised execution. (Thanks to Stephanie)
  • Sleepy Hollow (1999) [Lady Mary Van Tassel/The Western Woods Crone]: Two death scenes as two different characters: (1) Decapitated with an axe by her sister (also played by Miranda) shown in flashback, she had previously appeared as a zombie (with a different head) to Johnny Depp (2) Dragged under a tree and into the pit of hell by Christopher Walken. Her hand is shown sticking out through the tree's roots afterwards.
  • Spider (2002) [Yvonne/Mrs. Cleg]: Asphyxiated in her sleep by a gas leak; there is also a scene of her being killed by Gabriel Byrne, but this turns out to be one of Ralph Fiennes' false memories. (Thanks to Mike and Artur)
  • Falling Angels (2003) [Mary Field]: Falls to her death from the rooftop when she slips on the shingles, after climbing up to the roof in a suicide attempt. (Thanks to Stephanie)
  • Southland Tales (2007) [Nana Mae Frost]: Shot in the chest by Will Sasso during the attack on US-IDENT headquarters. (Thanks to ND, Frank, Dick Hertz, and Tori)

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Black Adder II: Chains (1986) [Queen Elizabeth I]: Stabbed to death (off-screen), along with the rest of the cast, by Hugh Laurie. Her body is shown lying with the others afterwards, with the killer standing over them disguised as Miranda. (Indeed, he's actually played by Miranda, with Hugh's voice dubbed in.)
  • Blackadder the Third: Amy and Amiability (1987) [Amy Hardwood, the Elusive Shadow]: Executed by hanging (off-screen) after being turned in by Rowan Atkinson; we learn of her death afterwards when Hugh Laurie reads about it in the newspaper. (Thanks to Roxy)
  • Blackadder Goes Forth: General Hospital (1989) [Nurse Mary]: Presumably executed (off-screen) by a firing squad; the episode ends with Rowan Atkinson realizing her innocence just as she's being put before the squad, but given the dark-comic tone of the series, it's unlikely that he was able to stop the execution. (Thanks to Roxy)
  • Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (2001 TV movie) [Queen Elspeth]: See Karin Konoval. (Thanks to Roxy)
  • Rubicon: You Never Can Win (2010) [Katherine Rhumor]: Poisoned when Isiah Whitlock Jr. bumps into her and touches her shoulder (presumably either injecting her with a hidden needle or planting some kind of poison on her clothing) while she's waiting to meet with James Badge Dale; she collapses and dies shortly after James arrives. (Thanks to Brian)


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