Miranda Otto (1967 - )


Miranda Otto in The Jack Bull

Film Deaths

  • Emma's War (1986) [Emma Grange]: Killed in a car crash.
  • The 13th Floor (1988) [Rebecca]: Killed, though I don't know the actual details.
  • Doing Time for Patsy Cline (1997) [Patsy Cline]: Killed in a plane crash, offscreen; her death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the movie.
  • The Jack Bull (1999) [Cora Redding]: Run over by a carriage while crossing the street; she dies shortly afterwards as John C. McGinley kneels by her side. Her body is shown again later on when John Cusack prepares to bury her.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) [Eowyn]: Dies of old age/natural causes with her husband (David Wenham) by her side. (Note: This scene is only present in the ultimate edition of the film).
  • Flight of the Phoenix (2004) [Kelly]: Although she survives the actual film, there is an 'alternate ending' on the DVD where Miranda is killed in an explosion when the plane crashes into a mountain.
  • Reaching for the Moon (2013) [Elizabeth Bishop]: Dies (off-screen) of a cerebral aneurysm, her death is mentioned by on-screen text before the film ends.
  • I, Frankenstein (2014) [Leonore]: Although she unfortunately survives the actual film, there is an alternate deleted scene where she is stabbed by one of Bill Nighy's demons.
  • Annabelle Creation (2017) [Esther Mullins]: Torn in half by the demon; her body is shown afterwards hanging against a wall.

TV Deaths

  • The Way We Live Now: Episode 4 (2001) [Mrs. Hurtle]: Dies (off-screen) of old-age/natural causes; her death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the episode.
  • Locke & Key (2011) [Nina Locke]: Killed by Ksenia Solo or one of the demons.
  • Homeland: A False Glimmer (2015) [Allison Carr]: Machine-gunned by Mandy Patinkin and a group of CIA agents while Miranda is hiding in a car boot.
  • 24 Legacy: 11:00PM - 12:00PM (2017) [Rebecca Ingram]: Shot in the chest by Eli Danker when attempting to shield Corey Hawkins. She dies shortly afterwards while talking to Corey.

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