Mills Lane (center) in Celebrity Deathmatch: Slaughter and the City


Mills Lane

Mills Lane (1936 - )


Deaths in TelevisionEdit

  • Celebrity Deathmatch: Time Travelling (2000; animated) [Mills Lane/Millsius Lanus]: "Millsius Lanus" dies (off-screen), at some point during the passage of time between different eras; he appears only as the referee for the first fight based in the Roman Coliseum. ("Mills Lane" survives the episode.)
  • Celebrity Deathmatch: Slaughter and the City (2001; animated) [Mills Lane]: Turned to stone after accidentally looking at the decapitated Medusa head, when Nick Diamond (voiced by Len Maxwell) accidentally drops it into the ring. (Mills' character comes back to life in the next episode without any explanation.) (Played for comic effect.)
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