Mila Kunis in Black Swan

Mila Kunis (1983 - )

Film Death:[edit | edit source]

  • Black Swan (2010) [Lily]: Stabbed in the stomach with a shard of glass by Natalie Portman during a struggle in Natalie's dressing room; Natalie then drags Mila's body into the closet. This turns out to be Natalie's hallucination; Mila survives the movie in reality.

Television Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Family Guy: Jungle Love (2005; animated) [Meg Griffin]: Impaled with darts and arrows by angry natives. (She appears in later episodes due to discontinuity) (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Peter`s Daughter (2007; animated) [Meg Griffin]: During a flashback she is shot to death by her father (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) after simply saying, “Hi Dad”. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Three Kings (2009; animated) [Meg Griffin]: In the Stand by Me segment, Meg appears as the dead body that Peter (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), Quagmire (also voiced by Seth), Cleveland (voiced by Mike Henry) and Joe (voiced by Patrick Warburton) discover.
  • ​Family Guy: Peter`s Progress ​(2009; animated) [Meg Griffin/Meg Peterson]: In a past timeline Peter Peterson (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) shoots Meg Peterson with a muskeet. (Meg Griffin surivives the episode) (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: Space Cadet (2013; animated) [Meg Griffin]: Presumably dies after accidentally being ejected into space when Stewie (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) presses a button, thinking it'll prank her. (Played for comedic effect) She later appears completely alive.
  • Family Guy: Grimm Job (2014; animated) [Meg Griffin]: Presumably commits suicide by hanging in her bedroom. (Played for comedic effect)
  • Family Guy: A House Full of Peters (2017; animated) [Meg Griffin]: Assassinated by her Russian clone.
  • Family Guy: V is for Mystery (2018; animated) [Meg Griffin]: Killed (off-screen) by Alex Borstein after Alex replaces her insides with bagpipes. (Played for comedic effect)

Video Game Death:[edit | edit source]

  • Saints Row (2005) [Tanya]: Falls to her death when Michael Clarke Duncan steps on her fingers while she is dangling on a ledge after being wounded by the player.

Notable Connections[edit | edit source]

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