Miki Ito (1962 - )

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Ball Z: End it All Again!! I Will Protect the Future (1993; anime) [Future Android #18]: Obliterated by Future Trunks (Takeshi Kusao) with a point-blank ranged energy blast in front of Future Android #17 (Shigeru Nakahara).
  • Mobile Suit Victory Gundam: Fresh Blood Swirls in the Light (1994; anime) [Lupe Cineau]: Mortally wounded when Uso (Daisuke Sakaguchi) pierces the cockpit of her Bruckeng mobile suit with the V2 Gundam's beam saber. The damaged Bruckeng then crashes into Pippiniden's (Junji Kitajima) mobile armor, the Birknau, killing them both as both machines and Pippiniden's ship explode upon impact.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Escape from Another Dimension!! Super Gotenks 3 (1995; anime) [Android #18]: Turned into chocolate along with her daughter Marron (Tomiko Suzuki) by Super Buu (Kozo Shioya), who eats them. Revived by the Namekian Dragon Balls in the episode, Vegeta's Secret Plan!! Polunga and the Two Wishes.
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