Mick Jagger in Performance

The Rolling Stones - Undercover Of The Night - OFFICIAL PROMO (EXPLICIT)

The Rolling Stones - Undercover Of The Night - OFFICIAL PROMO (EXPLICIT)

Mick Jagger (1943 - )

Lead singer of the group The Rolling Stones

Deaths in FilmEdit

  • Ned Kelly (Ned Kelly, Outlaw) (1970) [Ned Kelly]: Executed (off-screen) by hanging; the movie ends with the announcement of his death sentence. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Performance (1970) [Turner]: Shot in the head by James Fox in Mick's bedroom; the shooting is shown from the perspective of the bullet as it rushes towards Mick's head. His body is later shown in a closet while a thug searches the house. (Note: when James is being driven away by the thugs at the end of the movie, it is Mick's face we see looking out of the car; presumably this symbolizes that James has taken on Mick's personality, though the movie's surrealism leaves it open to interpretation.)

Deaths in Music VideoEdit

  • Undercover of the Night (1983) (The Rolling Stones music video) Playing three parts in this video: one Mick (with his face covered by a hood) is shot in the back by Keith Richards while the other Mick looks on from his car; the second Mick (with the mustache) is shot to death when Keith opens fire on his car. (The third Mick survives the video.) (Thanks to Robert)

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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