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Michelle Collins (on bed) with Julia McKenzie in Agatha Christie's Marple: The Secret of Chimneys

Michelle Collins (1962 - )

Deaths in Television[]

  • EastEnders (November 5th, 1998) [Cindy Beale]: Dies during childbirth in prison (off-screen); her death is only confirmed when Adam Woodyatt is informed. (Michelle's final appearance in the soap is in the episode that aired on April 12th, 1998.)
  • Doctor Who: 42 (2007) [Kath McDonnell]: Commits suicide/sacrifices herself by ejecting herself directly into the sun, along with the possessed Matthew Chambers, to prevent Matthew from killing the rest of her crew.
  • Agatha Christie's Marple: The Secret of Chimneys (2010) [Miss Treadwell]: Poisoned when Edward Fox spikes her soup with a digitalis-based tonic (on top of Edward having the soup "accidentally" made with foxglove leaves so that everybody at dinner would get sick, making Michelle's death look like an accident). Her body is shown afterwards lying on her bed as Edward, Stephen Dillane, and Julia McKenzie investigate the scene.
  • Death in Paradise: She Was Murdered Twice (2015) [Annette Burgess]: Suffocated with a pillow by Matthew Lewis, who also shoots her in her left breast post-mortem. Her body is discovered by Kaye Wragg and shown during the police investigation. (Thanks to ND)
  • Queens of Mystery: Death by Vinyl (2019) [Electra Bliss]: Strangled with piece of wire by Bob Goody in a recording studio. Her body is shown when Olivia Vinall investigates the crime scene.