Michael Zaslow in Star Trek: The Man Trap

Michael Zaslow (1942 - 1998)

Film Deaths

None known.

TV Deaths

  • Barnaby Jones: A Gold Record for Murder (1974) [Raymond Walding]: Poisoned with a drug overdose by Marjoe Gortner.
  • One Life to Live (1998/possibly early 1999) [David Renaldi]: Dies (off-screen) of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease). (The character's death was established after Michael's real-life death from the same cause.)
  • Guiding Light (September 2004) [Roger Thorpe]: Dies (off-screen) of an undisclosed illness. We learn of his death when Doug Hutchison informs Maureen Garrett and Elizabeth Keifer of the news. (The character's death was established several years after Michael's.)

Notable Connections

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