Michael Trucco in Charmed: Love Hurts

Michael Trucco TbaA 411 01

Michael watching his car roll partially off a cliff in Touched by an Angel: Venice

Michael Trucco (1970 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Hush (2016) [John]: Stabbed in the neck by John Gallagher Jr. after Kate Siegel tries to warn him that John is dangerous; he bleeds out at the end of a fight while holding John in a chokehold. His body is shown later on.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Touched by an Angel: Venice (1997) [Tommy Doyle]: Dies in California 6 months before the episode takes place. However, led the Blanchard Falls townspeople to believe his car went over a cliff into the water and led his one of many wives, Piper Laurie to believe he died of Pneumonia 30 years ago in Venice.
  • Tru Calling: Putting Out Fires (2003) [Nick Kelly]: Dies while trying to put out an apartment fire; his death is briefly undone by Eliza Dushku's powers, but he ultimately dies permanently after Eliza realizes that he asked for his help in the afterlife in order to save the life of a young girl in the apartment.
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