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Michael Sarrazin in Fighting Back

Michael Sarrazin (1940 - 2011)

Film Deaths[]

  • Gunfight In Abilene (1967) [Cord Decker]: Fatally injured when Donnelly Rhodes repeatedly whips him; he is taken back to town by Bobby Darin, where he dies some time later. (Thanks to Brian) 
  • Journey to Shiloh (1968) [Miller Nails]: Shot in the back (off-screen) by a farmer; he dies when James Caan discovers him. (Thanks to Brian) 
  • The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (1975) [Peter Proud]: Shot by Margot Kidder (not knowing it was Michael) as he's trying to climb into her boat. (Thanks to Stephen and Raji)
  • Fighting Back (1982) [Vince Morelli] Shot by Pete Richardson and his men.
  • The Seduction (1982) [Brandon]: Stabbed in the back by Andrew Stevens while Michael is making love with Morgan Fairchild in a jacuzzi. (Thanks to Michael)
  • Mascara (Make-Up for Murder) (1987) [Bert Sanders]: Commits suicide (while dressed in drag) by jumping off of a pier after talking to his sister (Charlotte Rampling). His body is shown being zipped up in a bodybag on the beach afterwards.
  • Crackerjack 2 (Hostage Train) (1997) [Smith]: Falls to his death when he lets go of Carol Alt's arm, that he's holding onto after she pushed him off a catwalk, as Judge Reinhold holds him at gunpoint.

TV Deaths[]