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Michael Pare in "Direct Contact".

Michael Paré's death in "Direct Contact".

Michael Pare (1958 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Space Rage (1985) [Grange]: Bested in a showdown against Richard Farnsworth.
  • Village of the Damned (1995) [Frank McGowan]: Killed in a car crash/explosion when an alien force causes him to lose consciousness instantaneously while he's driving.
  • Bad Moon (1996) [Uncle Ted]: Mauled to death by a dog (off-screen), after he yells at the dog to finish him off and end his curse of being a werewolf. (Michael was in wolf form when the dog first attacked, but resumed human form before ordering the dog to kill him.)
  • Back To Even (1998) [Boyle]: Dying inside Lorenzo Lamas car. Shortly after the explosion during the day.
  • Postal (2007) [Panhandler]: Shot in the chest by Zack Ward after becoming violent when Zack wouldn't give him any money.
  • 100 Feet (2008) [Mike Watson / The Ghost]: Killed in self defense by Famke Janssen time before the story takes place. Michael appears as a ghost through the movie. At the end, he disappears in a ball of fire after Famke throws her wedding ring to Michael.
  • Alone in the Dark 2 (2008) [Wilson]: Killed (off-screen) by the spirit of a witch along with Natassia Malthe and Jason Connery. He is last seen trying to fight off the witch with an assault rifle before the camera cuts away to Zack Ward hiding in a bathroom stall and either Michael or Jason is heard screaming.
  • 1968: Tunnel Rats (2008) [Sgt. Vic Hollowborn]: Stabbed by a Viet Cong while he battle he then commits suicide by setting off a grenade in a tent of explosives.
  • Direct Contact (2009) [Clive Connelly]: Dies in an explosion after Dolph Lundgren puts him a grenade in his clothes and throws Michael from a window.
  • Rampage (2009) [Sheriff Melvoy]: Stabbed in the side by Brendan Fletcher.
  • Amphibious 3D (2010) [Jack Bowman]: Accidentally stabbed and poisoned by the sting of the giant sea scorpion. He died shortly afterwards after talking to Janna Fassaert.