Michael Moriarty (1941 - )
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Michael Moriarty in Blood Link

Film DeathsEdit

  • Hickey & Boggs (1972) [Ballard] Shot in the chest by Robert Culp.  The helicopter he is in then explodes. 
  • Report to the Commissioner (1975) [Detective Beauregard 'Bo' Lockley]: Hangs himself off-screen in his cell, thinking he's going to be convicted for accidentally shooting Susan Blakely even though Yaphet Kotto managed to get him off the hook for it.
  • Blood Link (1982) [Keith Mannings/Craig Mannings]: Played a dual role as twin brothers. "Keith" is stabbed in the back by Penelope Milford while he's raping her. His body is shown again later in the morgue when "Craig" visits him; however the morgue scene is revealed to be a dream sequence when "Keith" suddenly comes back to life and shoves "Craig" into the drawer.

TV DeathsEdit


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