Michael McDonald in Leprechaun 2

Michael McDonald (1964 - )

Not to be confused with musician Michael McDonald

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Dance with Death (1991) [Henry]: Shot repeatedly by police when Michael attacks Maxwell Caulfield in a park.
  • Carnosaur 3: Prime Species (1996) [Police Officer Wilson]: Mauled to death and eaten (off-screen) by a dinosaur along with several other cocky police officers.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]


Michael McDonald in Mad TV (Dr. Phil Show) 2009-0

Michael McDonald in Mad TV (Dr. Phil Show) 2009

  • MADtv Season 7 Ep. 2 (Brian`s secret Skill) (2001) [Brian]: Presumably killed along with Alex Borstein, Will Sasso, Frank Caliendo, and Stephnie Weir in an explosion after he farts and a gas stove is running. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv Season 8 Ep. 24 (Bad Aim Cop) (2003) [Brooks]: Possibly dies after accidently shooting himself while trying to shoot Ron Pederson as revenge for shooting Michael in the thigh. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv Season 9 Ep. 15 (Action News) (2004) [Lloyd Buckman]: Shot to death by an unseen gunman than by Nicole Parker who was trying to kill the unseen gunman responsible for the Chicago News Murders that have been taking place. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv Season 12 Ep. 16 (Shark Cam) (2007) [Shark Watcher]: Drowned or eaten by the Great White shark named Bradley after it knocks the house in the ocean. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv Season 14 Ep. 9 (Saw IV: Jingle Hell) (2008) [Jeffrey]: Hand cut off after he reaches into his stocking thinking the antidote is there. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv Season 14 Ep. 13 (Dr. Phil Show) (2009) [    Dr. Phil]: Blown up by Debra Wilson`s telekinesis powers. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv (Over Reacting Clerks) (2013) [Customer]: Shot in the back by a police officer when a clerk yells "Rape." (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv (Bridge to Terabithia Parody) [Father]: Commits suicide by hanging himself after being called a murderer when his kid goes missing that ends up going to Teribithia. (Played for Comic Effect.)
  • MADtv (Disneyland) [Ed]: Presumably shot to death by a sniper during the end of the sketch when his wife Nicole Parker alerts the sniper that he knows about the secret operation of disneyland via walky talky. (Played for Comic Effect.)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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