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Drax's death (Moonraker)

Michael Lonsdale in Moonraker

Michael Lonsdale (1931 - 2020)

a.k.a. Michel Lonsdale

Film Deaths[]

  • The Bride Wore Black (La mariée était en noir) (1968) [Rene Morane]: Suffocated after Jeanne Moreau locks him in a small closet underneath the staircase in his house, then places duct tape around the edge of the doorway to seal out the air.
  • Moonraker (1979) [Hugo Drax]: Shot in the chest with a cyanide-tipped dart from Roger Moore's wrist-gun, just as Michael momentarily gets the drop on him with a laser pistol. Michael is then escorted into an airlock and ejected into outer space by Roger, who humorously tells him to "Take a giant step for mankind."
  • The Passage (1979) [Alain Renoudot]: Tortured to death off-screen by Malcolm McDowell. We last see Malcolm cutting his hands into pieces.  
  • Le Renard jaune (2013) [Jean Virno]: Killed in an explosion along with (Jean-François Stévenin, Antoine Duléry, Claude Brasseur, Dominique Lavanant and other people) in a restaurant after he places an explosive gift on a piano toward the end of movie.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Bunker (1981 TV) [Martin Bormann]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by biting on cyanide capsules on May 2nd, 1945 in Berlin. His death are reported by the off-screen narration by James O'Donnell at the end of the film. (Although it hasn't stop conspiracy theorist to say that he actually survived the war).

Video Game Deaths[]

  • 007 legends (2012) [Hugo Drax]: Sucked out into space when Bond (voiced by Timothy Watson) opens an airlock door (with button) after he had just closed the door between him and Bond.