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Michael Lerner in A Serious Man

Michael Lerner (1941 -)

Film Deaths Edit

  • Vibes (1988) [Burt Wilder]: Dies after a burst of energy goes through his body that remained on him from a mystic temple. 
  • Harlem Nights (1989) [Bugsy Calhoune] Dies when one of his cohorts sets off a switch at Richard Pryor's home igniting the gas/triggering a planted bomb wired to a door/light switch blowing all of them up.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Omen IV: The Awakening (1991) [Earl Knight]: Crushed to death/struck by a supernaturally controlled runaway wrecking ball (after it comes crashing through an office trailer) 
  • Tales From The Crypt: People Who Live in Brass Hearses (1993) [Earl Byrd/Earl Byrd's Siamese Twin]: Playing a double role of a man and his siamese twin, the siamese twin was shot in the face by Brad Dourif. (Earl Byrd survives the episode).

Notable Connections Edit

Brother of Ken Lerner

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