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Michael J. Fox's ghost in The Frighteners

Michael J. Fox (1961 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Back to the Future Part III (1990) [Marty McFly/Seamus McFly]: Playing a dual role, "Seamus" dies sometime in between 1885 and 1985. ("Marty" survives the film.)
  • Coldblooded (1995) [Tim Alexander]: Shot to death (off-camera), along with Talia Balsam, by Jason Priestley in Michael and Talia's kitchen, after Jason asks them for relationship advice. We only see Jason firing.
  • The Frighteners (1996) [Frank Bannister]: Dies twice in the film; He is first frozen to death under his own command when Trini Alvarado locks him in a freezer. His spirit exits his body and searches for the Soul Collector, but he is resuscitate by Alvarado after an hour. He is later strangled to death by Jake Busey & Dee Wallace and kidnaps Wallace's spirit to provoke Busey into following him into heaven. Fox is later sent back to Earth when he is told that it is too early for him to cross over.
  • Mars Attacks! (1996) [Jason Stone]: Disintegrated by the Martian (Frank Welker) death rays as Sarah Jessica Parker holds his hand.

TV Deaths[]

  • Boston Legal: Trick or Treat (2006) [Daniel Post]: Although he does not appear in this episode it is revealed that he has died from lung cancer Complications during a transplant. His remains are lost in the black market & his head is discovered in a haunted house by Julie Bowen & Candice Bergen

Notable Connections[]

  • Husband of Tracy Pollan (Thus, brother-in-law of Dana, Lori and Michael Pollan (journalist and author)