Michael Hordern (in bed) in A Christmas Carol (1951)

Michael Hordern (1911 - 1995)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Storm Over The Nile (1955) [General Faversham]: An off-screen death. He appears in the opening scenes but when the story moves on 10 years James Robertson Justice refers to his death. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Up Pompeii (1971) [Ludicrus Sextus]: Dies, off-screen, when he is covered by ash from the erupting volcano Mt. Vesuvius. His body is shown, like a statue, in a modern scene at the end of the film. (Played for comic effect)
  • Theatre of Blood (Much Ado About Murder) (1973) [George Maxwell]: Stabbed to death by a mob of homeless people, acting under the instructions of Vincent Price.
  • Mister Quilp (1975) [Edward Tent]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/ natural causes compounded by grief over the death of his granddaughter (Sarah-Jane Varley). His death is revealed when we see that his store is now being run by David Hemmings.
  • Freddy as F.R.O.7. (1992; animated) [The King]: Falls from his horse when it rears up in terror when his evil sister Messina (voiced by Billie Whitelaw) in her snake form attacks while he and his son young Prince Frederic (voiced by Edmund Kingsley) ride through the forest. 

TV DeathsEdit

  • Macbeth (1960) [Banquo]: Killed by one of Maurice Evans' assassins (haven't seen this version but we all know the story).
  • King Lear (1975) [King Lear]: Dies of old age compounded by outbreak over the death of his daughter (Angela Down) (I haven't seen this but I'm familiar with the play).
  • King Lear (1982) [King Lear]: Repeating the role in a different production, he again dies of old age compounded by outbreak over the death of his daughter (Brenda Blethyn). (I haven't seen his version either).

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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