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Michael Eklund (1972 -)

Michael Eklund in Hunt to Kill

Film Deaths[]

  • K-9: PI (2002) [Billy Cochran]: Shot in the back by Christopher Shyer.
  • House of the Dead (2003) [Hugh]: Neck snapped by a zombied Sonya Salomaa.
  • Bloodrayne II: Deliverance (2007) [The Preacher]: Shot in the mouth by John Tench.
  • Hunt to Kill (2010) [Geary]: Shot in the chest with a crossbow by Steve Austin after Steve tortures Michael with the crossbow bolt.
  • The Divide (2011) [Bobby]: Throat slit with a can lid by Lauren German.
  • The Day (2011) [Father]: Killed (presumably shot or stabbed/slashed to death) at the end of a struggle with Ashley Bell and a dying Shawn Ashmore.
  • Pressed (2011) [Jimmy]: Killed with a blow to the head at the end of a struggle with Luke Goss.
  • The Call (2013) [Michael Foster]: Eventually dies of starvation and thirst (off-screen) as he walked away by Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin takes revenge and tied him up with the duct tape and metal chain at the dentist chair, then Jordan locked him in the basement from the woods to save Casey's life in the closing credits.
  • The Marine 3: Homefront (2013) [Eckert]: Shot repeatedly in a shoot-out with FBI agents.
  • See No Evil 2 (2014) [Holden]: Dragged with a hook by Glenn Jacobs after being pulled from his wheelchair and tortured (off camera), he is seen by (Danielle Harris), (Greyston Holt), and (Chelan Simmons) dying and then dies.
  • Mr. Right (2016) [Johnny Moon]: Repeatedly bludgeoned over the head with a small statue by Anna Kendrick.
  • Cold Pursuit (2019) [Steve "Speedo" Milliner]: Strangled by Liam Neeson following an interrogation.

TV Deaths[]