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Michael Caine in Get Carter

Michael Caine (1933 - )

Film Deaths

  • Blind Spot (1958) [Johnny Brent] Leader of a diamond smuggling gang, he drives away pursued by the police but his car hits roadworks, overturns, explodes, and he dies in the blazing wreck. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Play Dirty (1968) [Captain Douglas]: Machine-gunned, along with Nigel Davenport, by Dennis Brennan, while Michael and Nigel are disguised as German officers. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Battle of Britain (1969) [Squadron Leader Canfield]: Killed in an explosion when his plane is shot down in a dogfight. (Thanks to Bill)
  • Get Carter (1971) [Jack Carter]: Shot in the head with a sniper rifle by a hitman while walking along the beach.
  • Sleuth (1972) [Milo Tindle]: Shot in the back by Laurence Olivier as Michael is about to leave Laurence's mansion; he dies shortly afterwards, just as we hear the police arriving. (Thanks to Spiderman)
  • The Destructors (The Marseille Contract) (1974) [John Deray]: Shot to death by one of James Mason's hitmen. (Thanks to Fred)
  • The Eagle Has Landed (1976) [Colonel Kurt Steiner]: Shot to death by British soldiers after he shoots a decoy Winston Churchill look-alike.
  • Deathtrap (1982) [Sidney Bruhl]: Killed (off-screen) in a struggle with Christopher Reeve; as I recall, the movie suddenly cuts from a scene of Michael and Christopher fighting to a scene of two different actors 'killing' each other in a stage play based on the storyline.
  • Mona Lisa (1986) [Mortwell]: Shot twice in the chest, in addition to having been shot in the ankle, by Cathy Tyson, along with Clarke Peters, during a struggle in the apartment as Bob Hoskins looks on.
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) [Ebenezer Scrooge]: Dies (off-screen) under unspecified circumstances, in the vision of the future shown to him by the Ghost of Christmas Future; his death is revealed when Michael sees his own gravestone. His death only turns out to be a dream. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Blood and Wine (1996) [Victor Spansky]: Smothered with a pillow by Jack Nicholson; his body is later seen floating in a pool when Stephen Dorff discovers him, then again as he goes through Michael's pockets.
  • Shiner (2000) [Billy "Shiner" Simpson]: Shot/Stabbed at the end of a struggle/shootout with mobsters (Danny Webb, Frank Harper or Kenneth Cranham); he manages to kill them in return before dying.
  • Last Orders (2001) [Jack Dodds]: Dies of a heart attack while watching a horse race.
  • Secondhand Lions (2003) [Garth]: Killed (off-screen) in a plane crash, along with Robert Duvall, when they try to fly their biplane upside-down through a barn door; we only see the wreckage afterwards. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Statement (2003) [Pierre Brossard]: Shot twice in the chest by Ciaran Hinds in an alley. (Thanks to Stephen)
  • The Weather Man (2005) [Robert Spritzel]: Dies of lymphoma (off-screen); his body is not shown, but there is a scene of his son (Nicolas Cage) attending his funeral. (Thanks to Eric and Chris)
  • Flawless (2007) [Hobbs]: Presumably dies (off-screen) during the passage of time between the Fifties and present day.
  • Is Anybody There? (2008) [Clarence]: Dies of unspecified circumstances as Bill Milner looks on; he later appears as a ghost to Bill.

TV Deaths

  • Jack the Ripper (1988 TV mini-series) [Inspector Frederick Abberline]: Dies (off-screen) on December 10th, 1929 from complications of old age. We learn of his death during the ending narration/on-screen text at the end of the mini-series.
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997) [Capt. Nemo]: Killed in an explosion when he sets his submarine to self-destruct after getting shot by John Bach.

Notable Connections

  • Mr. Shakira Caine.


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