Mia Sara in Time Trax: A Stranger in Time

Mia Sara (1967 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Timecop (1994) [Melissa Walker]: In the original timeline, she is killed in an explosion when Ron Silver's men blow up her house. (It's later revealed that she was pregnant at the time.) In the revised timeline after Jean-Claude Van Damme goes back in time, she is shot by Ron as Jean-Claude looks on helplessly. Mia is brought back to life when the younger version of Ron is killed, undoing all his actions (with the older version of Jean carrying her out of the building before it explodes). (Thanks to Ktulu and Bambinonero)
  • Black Day Blue Night (1995) [Hallie Schrag]: Killed in a car accident, along with her husband, Tim Guinee, when she drives at high speed into a passing train (after being mortally wounded from being shot in the side by Tim in an attempt to stop her). Her body is later seen lying in a ditch, having been thrown from the blast, as Gil Bellows tries to revive her before fleeing the scene.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Time Trax: A Stranger in Time (1993) [Elyssa Channing-Knox/Annie Knox]: Playing a dual role as the 22nd-century "Elyssa" and her 20th-century ancestor "Annie", "Elyssa" dies of "time-shock" after Peter Donat activates the time machine while holding Mia hostage without her having taken the chemical to acclimate her body to time-travel. She dies shortly after Peter dematerializes and leaves her behind, as Dale Midkiff kneels by her side. ("Annie" survives the episode.)
  • Chicago Hope: Women on the Verge (1996) [Annie Rueman]: Commits suicide.

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