Mena Suvari in American Horror Story: Spooky Little Girl

Mena Suvari (1979 - )

Film Deaths

  • Kiss the Girls (1997) [Coty Pierce]: Killed (exact method unclear) by Cary Elwes; shown in a series of fragmented flashbacks during the opening credits montage.
  • The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) [Lisa Parker]: Commits suicide by jumping from the roof of the school building, landing on a parked car (after being tricked into sleeping with Zachery Ty Bryan). Her body is later seen as her classmates, including Elijah Craig/Justin Urich films her as they surround her body (then again as Emily Bergl examines her).
  • Trauma (2004) [Charlotte]: Bitten by a poisonous spider after it's placed in her mouth which is then taped shut during a struggle by a delusional Colin Firth, who is convinced she only exists in his mind, that he must purge from his brain (her body is later seen by police when police discover her stuffed into a locker). (Thanks to Frank)
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005; animated) [Aerith Gainsborough]: Appears as a ghost throughout the movie, having been stabbed through the abdomen with a sword by Sephiroth (George Newbern) two years prior to the film's beginning.
  • Stuck (2007) [Brandi Boski]: Burned to death (while she's pinned against the wall by a car) when she fires a gun at the departing Stephen Rea, thus igniting the gasoline she had poured around the garage.
  • Whisper of Fear (2013) [Ivy]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Drea de Matteo.

TV Deaths

Notable Connections

  • Ex-Mrs. Robert Brinkmann


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