Consenting Adults 92 Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore in Consenting Adults

Melissa Moore (1963 - )

aka Melisa Moore or Melissa Anne Moore or Michelle Moore

Film DeathsEdit

  • Alien Within (Evil Spawn; Alive by Night; Deadly Sting) (1987) [Monica Roarke]: Strangled by the creature. (Note: the movie Evil Spawn was edited together with new footage to make this movie; Melissa only appears in the Alien Within version of this movie and not the Evil Spawn version. I haven’t seen either version but I got the information from The Bare Facts Video Guide). (Nudity alert: Topless)
  • The Invisible Maniac (The Invisible Sex Maniac) (1990) [Bunny]: Stomped to death by Noel Peters in the gymnasium after he becomes visible again; we only see Noel jumping up and down.
  • Sorority House Massacre II (Nighty Nightmare) (1990) [Jessica]: Stabbed by Peter Spellos first while she was possessed,then she knocks him out.She was stabbed again in the neck to death by Gail Harris.
  • Hard to Die (1990) [Tess]: Slashed across her throat off-camera by an unknown assailant, which turned out to be Don Key.We just see huge blood splatter on the wall after he grabs her from behind.
  • Consenting Adults (1992) [Trudy Seaton]: Head bashed with a baseball bat (off-screen) by Kevin Spacey in order to look like it was Rebecca Miller who was killed to frame Kevin Kline. Her body is shown afterwards when Kline wakes up to discover her corpse.
  • Evil Lives (Soulmates) (1992) [Laura]: Poisoned when Tristan Rogers tampers with her soda; she dies shortly afterwards while sitting in his car. She comes back to life shortly afterwards when Leslie S. Sach’s spirit possesses her. She dies once again when she slits her wrists in a bathtub (off-screen) and abdondons the body; her body is shown lying in the bathtub afterwards.
  • Compelling Evidence (1995) [Stephanie Roberts]: Shot in the stomach by Danny Fendley at the end of a long struggle (during which she is also hit with a machete and strangled) in the woods.


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