Melinda Clarke in Firefly: Heart of Gold

Melinda Clarke (1969 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993) [Julie Walker]: Killed in a motorcycle accident when she gets thrown from the bike and hits a telephone pole; she is later brought back to life as a zombie, and at the end of the movie she jumps into a crematorium furnace along with J. Trevor Edmond. (Thanks to Disiciplesoffufkin)
  • Spawn (1997) [Jessica Priest]: Shot in the head at the end of a shootout with Michael Jai White; she falls over a railing and onto a buffet table. (Thanks to Dick Hertz and Magnetar)
  • A Family Under Siege (2002) [Beta]: Killed in an explosion, along with Daniel Baldwin and Derek Hamilton, when she detonates the bomb which was meant for Mel Harris' family. (Thanks to Bryan)
  • The Animatrix (2003; animated) [Alexa]: Died of shock, after being wounded and captured by the machines.

TV DeathsEdit


Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

  • Daughter of John Clarke
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