Melanie Scrofano and Michael Eklund in Wynonna Earp: Undo It

Melanie Scrofano (1982 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Saw VI (2009) [Gena]: Shot through her lower chest with a shotgun in a carousel-trap set up in the front of her feet with a diagonal angle by Costas Mandylor, when Peter Outerbridge chooses not to spare her over the others in the trap.
  • Killer Crush (2015) [Tayler York]: Bludgeoned to death with a candlestick by Daveigh Chase.
  • Ready or Not (2019) [Emilie]: Exploded by supernatural forces along with the rest of the Le Domas family after they fail to kill Samara Weaving by sunrise.

TV DeathsEdit

  • Damien: The Devil You Know (2016) [Veronica Selvaggio]: Fatally shot with her own gun in her lower stomach by Robin Weigert as she was about to shoot Megalyn Echikunwoke in the previous episode Here Is Wisdom. She flies away with the help of Megalyn and is then killed when tree roots in the forest tie her up tightly, enter through her stomach wound and emerge from her mouth, choking her to death. Her body is shown again in the next episode Ave Satani, when her mother (Barbara Hershey) mourns her death beside her body on the bed.
  • Bad Blood: What to Do About Valentina? (2018) [Valentina]: Garroted in her bed (off-screen) by Louis Ferreira. Her body is shown when Franco Lo Presti finds Louis standing beside her bed.
  • Wynonna Earp: Undo It (2018) [Wynonna Earp]: Forced by Jean Marchand to hallucinate herself repeatedly waking up, running toward danger, being killed and then starting again from the beginning. Most of her deaths occur off-camera and are only briefly mentioned; three of her deaths are shown, however. In these scenes, Melanie is:
    1. Shot in the chest with an arrow by an unseen attacker.
    2. Shot in the throat with a poison dart by an unseen attacker.
    3. Hacked in the back of the neck with a hand sickle by Michael Eklund.

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