Melanie Papalia - Smiley

Melanie Papalia (with Michael Traynor) in Smiley

Melanie Papalia (1984 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Den (2013) [Elizabeth Benton]: Shot in the head by a masked assailant; her death is shown in a video that is sent to Victoria Hanlin.

Television Deaths Edit

  • Smallville: Spell (2004) [Brianna Withridge]: Executed by being burned at the stake (along with Kristin Kreuk and Lara Gilchrist) prior to the events of the episode; her death is depicted in a flashback and her spirit takes over Erica Durance's body in the present. She later "dies" again after Tom Welling exorcises her from Erica's body when he destroys her spell book.

Gallery Edit

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