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Megan Fox-Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox (with Amanda Seyfried) death in Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox (1986 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Jennifer's Body (2009) [Jennifer Check]: Impaled in the chest and stomach by Adam Brody with a hunting blade during a satanic sacrifice (as his band mates restrain her). She later returns from the dead after being possessed by a demon and dies once again when stabbed in the heart with a box cutter by Amanda Seyfried at the end of a struggle in Megan's bedroom.
  • Zeroville (2019) [Soledad Paladin]: Stabbed in the film within the film by Keegan Allen. In reality she dies when she crashes her car into another car.
  • Night Teeth (2021) [Grace]: Killed (along with Sydney Sweeney) by Alfie Allen (off-screen); her death is revealed when Alfie informs Lucy Fry.
  • Johnny & Clyde (2023) [Alana Hart]: Heart ripped out by Bakwas, an undead slasher demon, while trying to escape at the end.

Notable Connections[]