Megan Boone (1983 -)


Megan Boone in My Bloody Valentine (1). Megan Boone dead in My Bloody Valentine (2).

Film Death: Edit

  • My Bloody Valentine (2009) [Megan]: Hacked to death (off-screen) with a pick-axe by Jensen Ackles; we last see her being pulled back in by Jensen as she tries to escape through a vent. Her body is shown afterwards (with her heart cut out and placed in a Valentine candy box) when Kerr Smith discovers her. (Thanks to Ralph)

Television Death:Edit

  • The Blacklist: Mr. Solomon: Conclusion (2015) [Elizabeth Keen]: In the episode "Mr. Solomon: Conclusion," Megan was injured in a car accident and undergoes an emergency c-section to give birth to her baby. She is placed in a medically induced coma in order to treat her injury. However, agents led by Edi Gathegi prevent her ambulance from getting to its destination, causing complications up to the point she is clinically dead. It is later revealed in the season's conclusion that although Megan was clinically dead, she was successfully revived by her personal doctor after James Spader's disappearance.


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