Meg Tilly in Psycho II

Meg Tilly (1960 - )

Film deathsEdit

  • One Dark Night (1983) [Julie Wells]: Life-force possibly drained by the undead sorcerer; we last see her wandering away, but it's unclear whether she's a zombie or simply dazed.
  • The Girl in a Swing (1988) [Karin]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by drowning herself in the ocean; her body is not shown afterwards. She later appears as a ghost to Rupert Frazer.
  • Body Snatchers (1993) [Carol Malone]: Killed (off-screen) when an alien duplicate replaces her; her body (a special-effects dummy, obviously) is shown lying in bed before it crumbles into dust.

TV deathsEdit

  • Nightmare Classics: Carmilla (1989) [Carmilla]: Impaled through the heart when Ione Skye pushes her back against a wooden clothes-rack, then disintegrated by sunlight when John Doolittle opens the curtains.

Gallery Edit

Noteworthy connectionsEdit

  • Sister of Jennifer Tilly
  • Ex-Mrs. Tim Zinnemann (producer, son of Fred Zinnemann)
  • Ex-Mrs. John Calley (former President/CEO of Sony Entertainment)
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