Mayko Nguyen (1980 - )


Mayko Nguyen in Killjoys: How To Kill Friends and Influence People

Film Deaths Edit

TV Deaths Edit

  • Defiance: Where the Apples Fell (2015) [Volubela]: Stabbed in the chest off-camera by Lee Tergesen. Her body is shown with the knife embedded in her chest in the tent she shared with Lee, then again when he drags her outside. In a later episode, it's mentioned that Lee decapitated Mayko's body and sent her head to her superior officers as a warning to leave him alone, but this is never shown.
  • Slasher: Ill-Gotten Gains (2016) [Alison Sutherland]: Throat slashed by Steve Byers (the camera changes from a front- to a rear-angle shot right before the slash, so almost nothing is actually seen). Shortly thereafter, Mayko's deep-fried severed head is discovered by workers at a fast food restaurant.
  • Killjoys: How To Kill Friends and Influence People (2016) [Delle Seyah Kendry]: Shot in the chest by Aaron Ashmore.


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