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Max von Sydow in Minority Report

Max von Sydow (1929 - 2020)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde Inseglet) (1957) [Antonius Block]: After returning to his native country during a Plague epidemic, Max and all other members of his entourage are eventually taken away by Death (Bengt Ekerot).
  • Winter Light (Nattvardgasterna) (1963) [Jonas Persson]: Commits suicide (off-screen); his body is shown afterwards when Gunnar Bjornstrand prepares him for his funeral.
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) [Jesus Christ]: Executed by crucifixion. He is resurrected three days later.
  • The Kremlin Letter (1970) [Colonel Kosnov]: Killed (off-camera, exact method unclear) by Richard Boone (after Richard shoots him in the leg and explains the truth); we only hear Max's cries of pain as Patrick O'Neal regains consciousness.
  • The Exorcist (1973) [Father Lankester Merrin] Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack while performing an exorcism on Regan (Linda Blair). (His death is heavily referenced and reenacted in the sequel, which actually shows him dying (with a stunt double in place for Linda Blair). (There's really NO need to list it again, as he's already dead from the start).
  • The Ultimate Warrior (1975) [Baron] Beaten by a large mob of people who finish him off by crushing his head with a typewriter.
  • Illustrious Corpses (Cadaveri eccellenti; The Context) (1976) [Supreme Court's President]: Shot in the head (off-screen) in his study; his body is shown afterwards.
  • Black Journal (Gran Bollita) (1977) [Lisa Carpi/Police Chief]: Playing a dual role (including a female role), "Lisa" is decapitated with a cleaver by Shelley Winters. "Police Chief" survives the movie.
  • Brass Target (1978) [Peter Shelley]: Shot in either the upper back, neck or head (unclear where) with a rifle by John Cassavetes as Max tries to escape on skis, as Sophia Loren looks on. His body then falls down the cliff.
  • Flash Gordon (1980) [Emperor Ming]: Impaled on the nose-cone of Sam Jones' spaceship after it crashes into Max's palace. His body vanishes into nothingness in death, but an "epilogue" shot of a hand picking up Max's ring, accompanied by the sound of his laughter, implies that he's not dead after all.
  • Conan the Barbarian (1982) [King Osric]: Although he survived in the film's original release, there is a deleted scene in which he is killed by his own servants.
  • The Flight of the Eagle (Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd) (1982) [[Salomon August Andrée]]: Dies of (presumably) exposure months after his balloon crash-lands in the Arctic, the movie ends with him standing alone on the shore after his companions (Göran Stangertz and Sverre Anker Ousdal) died.
  • Strange Brew (The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew) (1983) [Brewmeister Smith]: Electrocuted to death by Angus MacInnes.
  • Dreamscape (1984) [Dr. Paul Nevotny]: Killed by one of Christopher Plummer's henchmen.
  • Dune (1984) [Doctor Kynes]: Dies of thirst and starvation after being left out in the desert to die.
  • Ghostbusters II (1986) [Vigo the Carpathian (voice)]: Provides the (dubbed) voice of Wilhelm von Homburg's character, which is a ghost mentioned of getting poisoned, stabbed, shot, hang, stretched, disemboweled, drawn and quartered in 1610. He is later completely destroyed when his painting is hit by the Ghostbusters' beams, causing it to explode.
  • Until the End of the World (Bis ans Ende der Welt) (1991) [Henry Farber]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes; we learn of his death afterwards when we see his son (William Hurt) standing by his grave.
  • Judge Dredd (1995) [Chief Justice Fargo]: Stabbed in the back by Christopher Adamson while Sylvester Stallone looks on in horror; he dies a short time later with Sylvester kneeling by his side.
  • Hamsun (1996) [Knut Hamsun]: Dies of old age.
  • Sleepless (Non ho sonno; I Can't Sleep(2001) [Inspector Ulisse Moretti]: Dies of a heart attack in his study while being approached menacingly by a mechanically-operated dummy (which he had mistaken for the killer, and had shot to no effect).
  • Minority Report (2002) [Director Lamar Burgess]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the chest during a confrontation with Tom Cruise. We hear the shot while Max and Tom are standing face to face, creating the impression that Max has shot Tom; we learn that Max actually shot himself when he collapses a moment later.
  • Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (Ring of the Nibelungs; Curse of the Ring) (2004) [Eyvind]: Dies of natural causes (off-screen) in his bed, after sending Benno Fürmann out to get some water. We learn of his death afterwards when Benno returns and wails in sorrow; followed by a scene of Max's funeral pyre.
  • The Final Inquiry (2006) [Tiberius]: Smothered with a pillow by Vincenzo Bocciarelli.
  • Rush Hour 3 (2007) [Varden Reynard]: Shot in the back by Yvan Attal, just as Max is about to shoot Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker; after we hear the shot, it's unclear exactly who shot who until Max staggers forward and collapses into the fountain.
  • Solomon Kane (2009) [Josiah Kane]: Shot to death by his own son (James Purefoy) at his own insistence having been chained up and presumably tortured (off-screen) by Jason Flemyng.
  • Robin Hood (2010) [Sir Walter Loxley]: Stabbed in the back with a sword by Mark Strong at the conclusion of their fight. Mark had become angry that the blind Max was beginning to humiliate him in the fight, so he slashes Max across the back before stabbing him.
  • Branded (2012) [Marketing Guru]: Vaporized after being randomly struck by a bolt of lightning.
  • Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Lor San Tekka]: Slashed to death with a lightsaber by Adam Driver.

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  • Father of Cedric von Sydow