Maurice Denham in 'Torture Garden'


Maurice Denham (1909 - 2002)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Animal Farm (1954; animated) [All Animals]: Providing the voices of all the characters in the story, he dies as the following characters: "Old Major" dies of old age/natural causes after making a speech to the other animals. "Snowball" is mauled to death by dogs on the orders of "Napoleon." Several hens, a sheep, and a duck are mauled to death by dogs following a rigged trial. "Boxer" is killed (off-screen) after being taken to the slaughterhouse. "Napoleon," "Squealer," and the other pigs are killed when the other animals rise up against them. (The deaths of "Napoleon" and his cohorts were not part of the original story, but were added to give the adaptation a more "satisfying" ending.)
  • Night of the Demon (1957) [Professor Harrington]: Electrocuted by the Demon.
  • Torture Garden (1967) [Uncle Roger]: Dies of a heart attack following an argument with Michael Bryant, as Michael deliberately withholds Maurice's medicine.
  • Some Girls Do (1969) [Dudley Mortimer]: Killed when his car crashes down the mountain, which was caused by Daliah Lavi and Beba Loncar.
  • Countess Dracula (1971) [Master Fabio]: Hanged, off-screen, by Nigel Green. His body is shown few times afterwards.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma (1984) [Azmael a.k.a. Professor Edgeworth]: Commits suicide/sacrifices himself by inducing the regeneration process (having used all of his regenerations) while the disembodied spirit "Mestor" attempts to take control of Maurice's body.
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