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Matt Stone in Cannibal: The Musical!

Matt Stone (1971 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus Vs. Frosty) (1992; animated) [Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski]: Playing a character later revealed to be known as "Kenny", he is thrown to his death by Frosty. (Kyle survives)(Played for comic effect.)
  • Cannibal! The Musical! (Alfred Packer The Musical) (1993) [James Humphries]: Neck snapped by Trey Parker; this is later revealed to be part of a faulty court description at Parker's trial. He is later slaughtered (off-screen) by Ian Hardin; his body is seen later on when Parker returns to their campsite. (Played for comic effect.)
  • The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Santa) (1995; animated) [Kenny/Kyle/Jesus]: "Kenny" is accidentally killed by Jesus' powers. His body is later carried off by rats. (Played for comic effect.)
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999; animated) [Kenny McCormick/Saddam Hussein/Bill Gates/Terrence Stoot/Various Characters]: "Kenny" dies in the hospital after Dr. Gouache (George Clooney) replaces his heart with a baked potato, on top of being severly burned from setting his fart on fire; he is seen in Hell throughout the film. "Saddam Hussein" is eaten by wild boars (off screen); his death is mentioned on a newscast. He is seen throughout the rest of the movie in hell and is later thrown down onto a spike by Satan (Trey Parker), on top of being shocked many times by Eric Cartman (also voiced by Parker). "Bill Gates" is shot in the head by an Army General (voiced by Trey Parker). "Terrence" is shot in the head by Sheila Broflofski (voiced by Mary Kay Bergman); he is later brought back to life when Kenny wishes for the world to return to normal (Matt's other characters survive the film). (Played for comic effect.)
  • Team America: World Police (2004) [Chris/George Clooney/Ethan Hawke/Danny Glover/Various Characters] Playing the voices of marionettes, a few of them die in various methods. "George Clooney" is blown up with a grenade thrown by Gary (Trey Parker). "Ethan Hawke" is shot in the stomach by "Chris". "Danny Glover" is mauled to death by "cat panthers" ("Chris" survives the film). (Played for comic effect.)

Television Deaths[]

  • South Park (1997 - ; animated) [Kenny McCormick/Various Characters]: "Kenny" dies at multiple points during the course of the series, but usually resurrects for the next episode. (Note: Due to Stone doing various other voices on the show, it is likely that he has died as various other smaller characters as well) (Always played for comic effect.)