Matt O’Leary in Death Sentence

Matthew Joseph "Matt" O'Leary (1987 -) 

Film Deaths Edit

  • Death Sentence (2007) [Joseph Joe Darley]: Stabbed repeatedly in the stomach and chest with a large blade by Kevin Bacon at the end of a fight. His body is later seen when his neighbors discover him.
  • Mother's Day (2010) [Johnny Koffin]: Is clinically dead when he stops breathing due to his gunshot wounds, he is later revived when Shawn Ashmore restarts his heart (I’m not sure if this contributes as a death scene so I might as well list it just in case).
  • Stung (2015) [Paul]: Presumably killed along with (Jessica Cook) by giant wasp in an ambulance on a path towards the end of movie.

Television Deaths Edit

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