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==TV Deaths==
==TV Deaths==
*'''''[[Cold Case (2003 series)|Cold Case: Committed (2005)]]''''' [Terrence Petrowski]: Dies (off-screen) of Old Age or Nautural Shortly after the death of his wife ([[Rebecca Lowman]]).
*'''''[[Cold Case (2003 series)|Cold Case: Committed (2005)]]''''' [''[ Terrence Petrowski]'']: Dies (off-screen) of old age or natural causes Shortly after the death of his wife ([[Rebecca Lowman]]).
{{DEFAULTSORT:Corboy, Matt}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Corboy, Matt}}

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Matt Corboy (with Julie Benz) in Circle


Matt Corboy's death in Circle

Matt Corboy (1973 - )

Film Deaths

  • Circle (2015) [The Husband]: Killed by a beam of energy when the other captives vote to eliminate him, after he confesses that he and Julie Benz were only pretending to be a married couple in order to garner sympathy.

TV Deaths

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