Massimo Vanni in 1990: Bronx Warriors

Massimo Vanni (1946 - )

a.k.a. Alex McBride or Patrick O’Neil

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Street Law (Il Cittadino si ribella) (1974) [Carlo's Assailant with Unibrow] Crushed by numerous boxes pushed against him with a forklift driven by Giancarlo Prete.
  • Keoma (Desperado; Django Rides Again; Django's Great return; The Violent Breed)(1976) [Confederate Soldier]: Shot in the chest with a shot gun blast by Franco Nero.
  • A Special Cop In Action (Italia a mano armata) (1976) [Fabri] Hits his head on rocks after being tied to the back of a car and dragged along.  
  • Weapons of Death (Napoli spara) (1977) [Rosati - Undercover Cop]: Decapitated when he hits a rope connected between two trees while riding his motorcycle which was set up by two mobsters. 
  • The Inglorious Bastards (Quel maleditto treno blindato; Counterfeit Commandos; Deadly Mission; G.I. Bro; Hell's Heroes) (1978) [French Resistance Fighter]: Shot to death by German soldiers. 
  • Day of the Cobra (Il giorno del Cobra) (1980) [Beltrame] Murdered off-screen. His body is discovered by Franco Nero
  • 1990: Bronx Warriors (1990; I guerrieri del Bronx) (1982) [Blade]: Neck snapped by Mark Gregory, as a mercy killing after Massimo had been tortured by a rival gang.
  • A Pure Formality (Una pura formalita) (1994) [Officer]: Appears as a spirit being in purgatory which is revealed in the end of the film. 

Stunt Work[edit | edit source]

  • as a professional stunt performer, Massimo has probably “died” in place of several other actors, though I don’t know any specific examples.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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