Masaya Kato in Shinjuku Incident

Masaya Kato (1963 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Crying Freeman (1995) [Ryuji Hanada]: Dies in an explosion after Byron Mann put an explosive device in Masaya's clothes while he is stabbed against a wall.
  • Brother (2000) [Shirase]: Dies when his car exlpodes when he turns on the ignition.
  • Agitator (Araburu tamashii-tachi) (2001) [Kunihiko]: While still alive at the end of the film, the film ends with him going on a suicide mission and attacking the mansion of his enemy which is guarded by dozens of men and he is prepared to die.
  • Blood Heat (Muscle Heat / Masuuruhiito) (2002) [Rai Kenjin]: Beaten to death by Kane Kosugi off-screen. We just see the two charge each other and then the screen freezes. After we see Kane limping away and Masaya dead on the floor.
  • The Man in White (Yurusarezaru mono) (2003) [Azusa Moribe]: Dies of his wounds while laying on the floor with his lover.
  • Aragami (2003) [Aragami]: Killed by Takao Ohsawa in a sword duel.
  • Samurai Resurrection (Makai tenshô) (2003) [Araki Mataemon]: Stabbed in the chest with a magical blade by Yôsuke Kubozuka causing him to vanish into nothingness.
  • The Last Supper (Saigo no bansan) (2005) [Doctor Yuji Kotorida]: Shot in the head off-screen while driving his car. We just him driving and someone comes out from the back seat and point his gun at him. We then see a far away shot of the car which stops and then see the lighting of the gun going off. 
  • Shinjuku Incident (2007) [Toshinari Eguchi]: Shot in the chest when trying to escape the building that is surrounded by dozens of Yakuza. He dies while talking to Jackie Chan.
  • Terra Formars (2016) [Keisuke Dojima]: Shot to death by Rinko Kikuchi

TV DeathsEdit


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