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Masahiko Tsugawa in Man in White

Masahiko Tsugawa (1940 - 2018)

Film Deaths[]

  • Good for Nothing (Rokudenashi) (1960) [Jun] Shot during a scuffle for his gun. He dies after walking into the streets.
  • Blood of Revenge (Meiji kyokyakuden - sandaime shumei) (1965) [Haruo Emoto] Possibly dies after being stabbed numerous times by gangsters.  He is later shown laying down, but it's not revealed if he dies later from his wounds. 
  • Bloodiest Flower (Nihon jokyo-den: ketto midare-bana) (1971) [Worker] Dies when the tunnel he is working on collapes on top of him. 
  • Executioner (Chokugeki! Jigoku-ken) (1974) [Mario Mizuhara] Stabs himself with his cane sword in the stomach and then falls off a cliff into the ocean. 
  • Pride: The Fateful Moment (Puraido: Unmei no toki) (1998) [General Hideki Tojo]: Executed by hanging. 
  • The Man in White (Yurusarezaru mono) (2003) [Hikokuro Renjo]: Shot to death by Tatsuya Fuji right when the elevator doors open.
  • Kaidan (2007) [Father in law] Stabbed in the back of the head with a sickle by Asaka Seto.

TV Death[]

  • The Tokugawa Regime (Aoi tokugawa sandai)(2000) [Ieyasu Tokguawa]: Dies of sickness while talking to his son Toshiyuki Nishida.

Notable Connections[]