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Mary Ellen Trainor in Action Jackson

Mary Ellen Trainor (1952 - 2015)

Film Deaths[]

  • Action Jackson (1988) [Secretary]: Knocked through a plate-glass partition when a team of hitmen burst into the office.
  • Seduced and Betrayed (1995) [Charlotte]: Reportedly deliberately hit with a car by Susan Lucci; the scene cuts away from a shot of Mary screaming to a shot of Susan behind the wheel as we hear the impact. Her body is shown afterwards when David Charvet discovers her. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Germboygel)
  • Executive Decision (1996) [Allison, Flight Attendant]: Hits her head on the galley wall during a struggle with one of the hijackers; her body is shown later on when Halle Berry discovers that Mary's dead and again when John Leguizamo checks her under the blanket. (Thanks to Johan)

TV Deaths[]

  • Tales from the Crypt: And All Through the House... (1989) [Wife / Elizabeth]: Killed by Larry Drake after her daughter, Lindsay Whitney Barry, mistakes Larry for Santa Claus and lets him in. (her death is not actually shown, but it is obvious that she died since the Crypt Keeper, voiced by John Kassir, says not to worry about Lindsey, because Larry prefers adult women, and in pieces.) (Thanks to Dake)​​​​​​