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Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Fargo: Somebody to Love

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (1984 - )

Film Deaths

  • Black Christmas (2006) [Heather Lee]: Killed (exact method unclear) by Robert Mann inside the car; we only see the car shaking, followed by blood splattering on the windshield while Andrea Martin is scraping off the ice from outside the car. (Thanks to TravellingMan, Robert, Caitlin, EXXXposed, Domikate, Christopher, and Steve)
  • Final Destination 3 (2006) [Wendy Christensen]: Hit by a train (off-screen); just as the train is about to hit her, it cuts back to her and her friends, revealing that it was just a premonition. However, shortly after the return to reality, the premonition begins to come true; we hear the crash over the closing credits. (In the DVD's "Choose Their Fate" feature, by choosing "Map" in the subway scene, the movie ends with Mary actually being hit by the train, then cuts to the credits, indicating that it wasn't a premonition in this version.) (Thanks to Mike, Domikate, Gordon, L., Eric and George)

TV Deaths


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