Martine Brochard (1946 -)

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Martine Brochure in Violent Professionals

Film Deaths Edit

  • Diary of a Cloistered Nun (Storia di una monaca di clausura) (1973) [Sister Lucilla]: Reportedly commits suicide by drowning herself in the convent well. (I haven't seen this movie, myself). (Thanks to Johan)
  • Violent Professionals (Milano trema; la polizia vuole giustizia) (1973) [Maria, the Prostitute]: Hit by a car, she dies afterwards while talking to Luc Merenda
  • Eyeball (Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro; The Devil's Eye; The Secret Killer; Wide-eyed in the Dark) (1975) [Paulette Stone]: Reportedly shot to death by Andres Mejuto when Martine is about to stab John Richardson. (I haven't seen this movie, myself). (Thanks to Johan)
  • Mannaja: A Man Called Blade (1977) [Angela]: Reportedly stabbed in the chest by John Steiner when she tries to defend the bound Maurizio Merli. (I haven't seen this movie, myself). (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Fear (L'Ossessione che uccide; Delirium; Murder Obsession) (1980) [Shirley]: Decapitated with a chainsaw by Anita Strindberg; her severed head is shown again later on when Silvia Dionisio discovers it.


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