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Martin Balsam in Psycho

Martin Balsam (1919 - 1996)

Film Deaths[]

  • Al Capone (1959) [Mac Keeley]: Killed by two of Rod Steiger's thugs while sitting on a bench at a subway station. (Thanks to Mac)
  • Psycho (1960) [Milton Arbogast]: Stabbed in the face by Anthony Perkins at the top of the staircase; Martin falls down the stairs after the initial slash, then Anthony finishes him off when he reaches the bottom by stabbing him in the chest (off-screen). (See also William H. Macy in the 1998 remake.) (Thanks to Betty and Robert)
  • Seven Days in May (1964) [Paul Girard]: Killed in a plane crash, his death is reported in the newspapers. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • The Bedford Incident (1965) [Lt Cmdr Chester Potter, MD]: Vaporized, along with everyone else on board the Destroyer, when it is hit by nuclear torpedoes from the Russian submarine. (Thanks to Brian
  • Confessions of a Police Captain (Confessione di un commissario di polizia al procuratore della repubblica) (1971) [Commissario Bonavia]: Stabbed in the chest by Nello Pazzafini in prison. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Mitchell (1975) [James Arthur Cummings]: Shot to death by Joe Don Baker on Martin's boat; we see Joe Don firing, followed by a shot of Martin lying face down on the deck.
  • Gardenia, il giustiziere della mala (1979) [Salluzzo]: Shot to death by Franco Califano. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • The Salamander (1981) [Captain Steffanelli]: Tortured to death (off-screen) by Paul L. Smith; his body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Franco Nero identifies him. (Thanks to Johan and Andrea)
  • The Silence of the Hams (1994) [Detective Martin Balsam]: In a parody of his death in Psycho, he is slashed at the top of the staircase by Ezio Greggio and falls down the stairs (his obvious green-screen fall in the original is spoofed by having the camera take Martin "falling" around a variety of locations before hitting the ground) before he is stabbed to death with several objects (the actual stabbing isn't shown) that include a tuning fork, a carrot, an umbrella, etc.

TV Deaths[]

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