Martha Hyer in 'Picture Mommy Dead'

Martha Hyer (1924 - 2014)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Ice Palace (1960) [Dorothy Wendt Kennedy]: Dies of a heart attack during an argument with Richard Burton.
  • Pyro (Fuego; Pyro...The Thing without a Face; Wheel of Fire) (1964) [Laura Blanco]: Burned to death when Barry Sullivan sets fire to her bedroom, after knocking her unconscious; we see her lying on the bed as the room goes up in flames.
  • First Men in the Moon (1964) [Kate Callender]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes somewhere in the passing of time between her trip to the moon with Lionel Jeffries and Edward Judd in the 1890's and when astronauts of the 1960's find a Union Jack along with a document bearing her signature on the lunar surface, claiming the moon for Queen Victoria. We learn of her death at the first of the film as investigators searched for her and is confirmed at the end by the still alive Edward Judd.
  • Picture Mommy Dead (Color Mommy Dead) (1966) [Francene Shelley]: Strangled by Don Ameche in their bedroom, while his daughter (Susan Gordon) watches from the shadows (just as she had done during his years-earlier murder of Zsa Zsa Gabor, whose death is shown in a flashback intercut with this scene). (Thanks to Big O)

Television Death:Edit

Noteworthy Connections:Edit

  • Wife of Hal B. Wallis (widowed)
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